Self Help

by Norm Foster

Presented by special arrangement with Playwrights Canada Press
Self Help



There's a body in the study, a detective in the hall and a nosy reporter prowling the second floor. What are stressed out, self-help gurus Cindy and Hal Savage to do? Have sex on the pool table, of course. We are in the fantasyland of stage farce. Everything about this wacky Norm Foster comedy is amplified through the distorting lens of a magnificent magnifying glass. A roller coaster ride of fast-paced witty asides and bawdy humour. St. Albert Gazette


- Hal Savage: Steve Sanger

- Cindy Savage: Sara Sanger

- Bernice: Susan Steigmeyer

- Ruby Delvecchio: Diane Baker

- Detective Snow: Mike Cavin

- Jeremy Cash: Phil Custodio


Adult Themes, Sexual References

Director: Al Bartlett

Assistant Director/Producer: Susan Wallace

Performance Dates (2017):

May 5, 6, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20