The Attempted Murder of Peggy Sweetwater

by John Rustan, Frank Semerano

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

We find ourselves in the late 1930s, on a banana plantation in South America, where the management subsists on bananas ad nauseam and poor Ms. Sweetwater is the subject of a dastardly murder attempt...and another...and still another. Absolutely nothing is serious, sacred, or stands up to much scruntiny in this loose, fast-paced comedy.


  • Sir Phillip Dowden - Al Bartlett
  • Edward Llewellyn - Steve Sanger
  • Giles - Mel Case
  • Percy Saunders - Ryan Ernst
  • Bill Baxter - Sonny Anam
  • Myrtle Baxter - Cristie Rice
  • Peggy Sweetwater - Nancy Penvose
  • Sean "Sidestep" O'Doodle - Mike Cavin
  • The Duchess of Lardham - Kay Lewis
  • Moreley - Mike Kaul

Performance Dates (2014):

May 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17