Moon Over Buffalo

by Ken Ludwig

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

It's 1953, and two married, aging actors in a repertory theatrical company hope to make it in the movies.

When they hear that Frank Capra wants to come and see them perform, infidelity, pregnancy, alcohol, pride and family tensions escalate into pure bedlam.

An out-and-out hysterical farce.

  • George Hay - n actor around 50 years old, who is playing in Cyrano de Bergerac and Private Lives
  • Charlotte Hay - an actress around 50 years old, George's wife and co-star
  • Ethel - an actress in her 70's and the mother of Charlotte
  • Rosalind Hay - an actress in her 20's or 30's, George and Charlotte's daughter
  • Howard - a man in his 20's-40's and Rosalind's current dating partner
  • Eileen - a younger actress, pregnant with George's child, and a member of George and Charlotte's theater company
  • Paul - an actor in his 20's-40's and Rosalind's former dating partner
  • Richard - a man in his 50's, the Hay's attorney, and very attracted to Charlotte
Performance Dates (2012):

May 11, 12, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26

George Dale Dobson
Charlotte Susan Craves
Rosalind Tricia Turek
Howard Brandon Cassidy
Paul Dan Cook
Eileen Kez Settle
Ethel Jean Garringer
Richard Steve Sanger
Production Staff:
Director Al Bartlett
Producer Karen McClellan
Stage Manager James Hoxsey
Set Design Karen McClellan
Set Dress Karen McClellan
Set Dress Jennifer Gentry
Costume Design Linda Payton