The Decorator

by Donald Churchill

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.

A British Farce. Marcia returns from her "affair" to find her flat has not been painted as she arranged. A part-time painter is just beginning the work when Jane arrives to tell all to Marcia's husband. But since Marcia's husband is not home, Jane vows to return later.

When Walter overhears the confrontation between the two women, he offers Marcia lessons on how to get out of the predicament. Marcia hires Walter to impersonate her husband when Jane returns.

First Marcia and Walter must rehearse, but Marcia can't seem to get the hang of it. But the real hilarity begins when Walter tries to perform for Jane and his portrayal offers a few surprises for Marcia.

Jane finally decides that her best revenge is to have an affair with Marcia's "husband" - Walter, and then mayhem breaks loose.

"Irresistible" - London Daily Telegraph

"I all but fell from my seat laughing" - London Star

  • Marcia - Having an affair while her husband is abroad on business. She is upper class with a taste for fine things, and although intelligent, not particularly wiley. Can be almost any age.
  • Walter - A lower class housepainter who fancies himself quite the actor. He is somewhat full of himself. Can be almost any age.
  • Jane - The wife of the man Marcia is having an affair with. She is less sophisticated than Marcia, but definitely more wiley. Age commensurate with Marcia.
Performance Dates (2011):

January 20, 21, 22, 23, 27, 28, 29

Marcia Nancy Penvose
Walter Verne Vackaro
Jane Wendy Hedstrom
Production Staff:
Director Verne Vackaro
Assistant Director Kip Kammer
Producer Mel Case