Fuddy Meers

by David Lindsay-Abaire

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

Claire has a rare form of psychogenic amnesia that erases her memory whenever she goes to sleep. When a man in a ski mask pops out from under her bed, she begins a journey into a world of unusual characters: her stroke-victim mother who speaks only in gibberish, a dimwitted thug with a foul-mouthed hand puppet, her driven husband, her stoned son, and a kidnapped police officer.

A challenging and brutal comedy about memory, trauma and making sense of it all.

Performed (2010):

January 8, 9, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23

  • Claire - about forty, a generally sunny woman with amnesia.
  • Richard - about forty, a chatty, friendly, sometimes nervous man.
  • Kenny - seventeen, a troubled teen.
  • Limping Man - about forty, lisping, limping, half-blind, half-deaf man with secrets.
  • Gertie - sixties, a clear-headed lady who's had a stroke and can't speak properly.
  • Millet - thirties or forties, an odd man with a puppet.
  • Heidi - thirties or forties, a tough woman in uniform.
Claire Jennifer Gentry Saulski
Richard David Stokes
Limping Man Dale Dobson
Gertie Karen McClellan
Millet Mark Sheperdigian
Heidi Karen Dobson
Kenny Kris Meek
Production Staff:
Director Al Bartlett
Producer Kip Kammer