Halloween Hullabaloo at High Jinks Hall

Presented by Once Upon a Puppet

It's All-Hallows-Eve and Witch Woo-Who is busily preparing her latest candy creation, ready to share with all the trick or treaters who come to High Jinks Hall. Witch Woo-Who leaves her potion to brew and goes to decorate the Hall. While she is away the infamous Captain Cavity and his crew of Candy Pirates sneak in and steal the potion. When Witch Woo-Who returns, to her dismay, she finds the candy concoction missing!

On the advice of her good friend Boo the ghost, Witch Woo-Who hires a private eye, Cornelius Longlash, to help find the missing potion.

With a little bit of Halloween magic and some help from the boys and girls in the audience, they capture the pirates, find the missing candy concoction, and have the candy ready just in time trick or treating.

The show is packed with upbeat songs and plenty of fun for the whole family.

Children are encouraged to wear their costumes to the show!

Performance Dates (2015):

October 31st, 11am and 1pm, $8 per man, woman, child or ghost