Jock and the Beanstalk

Presented by Once Upon a Puppet

A brand new puppet play brought to you by Nancy Penvose and Once Upon A Puppet. Based on the classic fairytale of Jack & the Beanstalk.

Jock, a young lad, lives with his mother and his best friend Aggie, the Aberdeen Angus in a small cottage in the Highlands of Scotland. Jock finds himself in a dilemma; he and his Mammy have fallen upon hard times and they have to sell Aggie to get money to buy food.

With a heavy heart Jock sets out to market with Aggie. On their way to market, they meet a strange bearded man, who persuades Jock to exchange Aggie for some magic beans. That's when the adventure begins. Join Jock on his journey which will lead him up a beanstalk to a castle in the clouds, treasure and treachery.

Lots of fun characters, songs and excitement. Fun for kids of all ages.

Performance Dates (2012):

April 21, 1pm and 3pm, $6