Downward Dog

by Wendy Hedstrom

A lively romantic comedy about a high-strung pastry chef who's frustrated with her marriage. She tries taking yoga to relieve her tension, but winds up craving excitement in the form of an adrenaline-junkie explorer who bursts into her class one day.

Can she bungee-jump her way to happiness? Or should she settle for a life of Corpse Pose and cupcakes?

Written by our own Wendy Hedstrom!

Performed (2010):

June 4th and 5th at 8pm - $13
June 6th at 2pm - $11

Carrie Ann Wendy Hedstrom
Jim Dean Vanderkolk
Willow Nancy Penvose
Devon James Bailey
Production Staff:
Director Verne Vackaro
Producer Wendy Hedstrom
Stage Manager Karen McClellan
Set Design Jamie Fish
Lights and Sound Dale Dobson