Dick Whittington and his Cat

Presented by Once Upon a Puppet

This is the tale of an adventurous youth and his cat Marmalade (an orange tabby) who travel to London to seek their fortune for they have heard that the "streets are paved with gold".

Once in the city the naive duo encounters the 'gangster rats' Wheezie and Cheezie who are plotting to steal the Queens crown jewels.

Dick and Marmalade decide to foil the devious plot. The brave pair travel to Buckingham palace where they meet the palace guards, the queen herself and her pet Corgi dog, Dolores. They solve the crime, return the jewels and save the day, much to the pleasure of 'her majesty' and the local constabulary, namely P.C Plod.

The show is packed with upbeat songs plenty of laughs and audience participation. Fun for all ages.

Performed (2009):

February 7th, 2009, 1pm and 3pm, $6