A Merry Christmas Caper

Presented by Once Upon a Puppet

It's Christmas Eve at the North Pole, inside Santa's workshop. Jingles, chief elf of the packing department is busily making sure that all the gifts for the boys and girls are packed and ready to go in Santa's sack.

Jingles discovers that the sack has been stolen by none other than the notorious villain Burglar Bill. Under the watchful eye of international espionage agent, Squeak the Christmas mouse, Jingles sets out on a quest through story book land to find the missing toys. With the help of some story book friends, he captures Burglar Bill and returns the stolen toys in time for Santa to deliver them before Christmas morning.

This show is packed with upbeat songs plenty of laughs and audience participation. Fun for kids of all ages.

Performed (2008):

December 6th, 2008, 1pm and 3pm, $6