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CVP holds Open Auditions for our productions, meaning they are open to anyone 18 yrs and older. No experience is required! CVP accepts both novice and experienced actors, and we provide a fun, casual and non-judgmental atmosphere. CVP is a non-equity community theatre that thrives on volunteers from the local community. CVP membership is required for everyone in a production.

Auditions consist of readings from selected scenes, called “cuts” or “sides”; scripts/sides will be provided at the audition. Actors may attend one or both nights of auditions. Contact the director for an audition form, a copy of the script, or if you need to schedule an alternate audition time/date.

Auditions held at The Depot Theatre, 4861 White Lake Rd., Clarkston MI 48348

Upcoming Auditions

Something to Hide 

by Leslie Sands

Audition Dates:
Sunday, December 16, 2018, at 6:00 PM
Monday, December 17, 2018, at 7:00 PM

Director: Jim Pike  248-705-6849

Performance Dates: (2019) March 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23

Play Synopsis: In a charming house in the English countryside, writer Howard Holt is visited each weekend by his wife and publisher Karen. During the week, Howard is joined by Julie, his mistress. As the action begins, Julie tells Howard that she is pregnant and intends to keep the baby. The plot then goes into overdrive with an apparent death, misdirection and a seemingly gullible police inspector who untangles the twisted web of lies and brings a murderer to justice.

Characters: 3 Male, 4 Female
(Suggested character age ranges are in parentheses. The actor will play the age but does not need to be the age.)

Howard Holt – (35-50)  A good looking man with more than a fair share of virile charm. Howard is an author who married Karen, since she was the only person who would publish his books. He is totally financially dependent on Karen for his money. Howard is having an affair with Julie and psychologically manipulates his wife, Karen, so that he can blackmail her into funding his running away with Julie.

Julie – (20-30)  Attractive and vivacious, at least ten years younger than Howard. Julie is pregnant with Howard’s child and wants Howard to run away with her. She is willing to conspire with Howard in whatever scheme Howard devises to accomplish her goal.

Karen Holt – (40-55)  A well-groomed woman. Karen is older than Howard and is willing to support him as the attractive younger man. She is intelligent and strong but vulnerable to Howard’s manipulations for a while.

Inspector Walter Davies – (40-65)  A middle aged family man with a likeable grin and a deceptive gentleness of manner. The Inspector has a bit of Columbo in him. He seems to be a simple country detective but his persistence and eye for detail will eventually lead him to the truth.

Will Purdie – (50-70)  A little grizzled man who owns the local auto service shop.  Will is a bit of a character who is both reliable and always available for a drink.

Stella – (20-30)  The maid is a local girl, pretty and full of self-confidence.

Miss Eleanor Cunningham – (40-70)  A middle aged spinster, the neighbor of the Holts, chairman of the women’s guild.  She is a bit of a busy body.

Click Here to Download the Audition Flyer: Auditions for Something to Hide rev1120